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[Ancestral Link: Mary Elizabeth Bickmore (Schow), daughter of Isaac Danford Bickmore, son of Isaac Motor Bickmore, son of David Bickmore, son of John Bickmore, son of Elizabeth Andrews (Bickmore), daughter of Joseph Andrews, son of Phebe Goard (Andrews), daughter of Phoebe Howes (Goard), daughter of Thomas Howes, son of John Dehuse.]

ID: I11847
Name: John Sir John de Huse, Knight of Nottingham HUSSEY
Sex: M
Birth: About 1250 in Nottinghamshire, England
John Hussey, believed to be a son of John Hussey, was born about 1250 in Nottinghamshire.
King Edward I acknowledged to "Sir John de Huse, knight of Nottingsham 12 marks for a white dappled horse given up for the king's alms at Kyncardin in Myernes, Aberdeen" July 12, 1296. The acknowledgment was dated September 1, 1296.

"Sir John de Huse, knight, having 20 pounds worth of land in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire" was summoned to serve overseas by the king July 7, 1297, according to "History of Staffordshire."

He held an interest in Penkridge manor in 1300. Children born to John Hussey are unknown, but Thomas Hussey held an interest in Penkridge manor in 1462, suggesting that he was a descendant. John Hussey held an interest in Penkridge manor in 1503.

It is believed that children born to him include: William Hussey born about
Father: John of Nottinghamshire HUSSEY born about 1219 in probably in Staffordshire, England
Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
William of Staffordshire HUSSEY born about 1450 in Staffordshire, England
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