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[Ancestral Link: Mary Elizabeth Bickmore (Schow), daughter of Isaac Danford Bickmore, son of Isaac Motor Bickmore, son of David Bickmore, son of John Bickmore, son of Elizabeth Andrews (Bickmore), daughter of Elizabeth Bills (Bickmore), daughter of Samuel Bill, son of Thomas Bills, son of John Bill, son of Anne Mountford (Bills).]

Detail of Simon van de Passe's portrait of Anne Bill (died 1621), wife and business partner of the King's Printer John Bill. The image, the only known portrait of a woman engaged in the London book trade at that time, appeared in her memorial volume A Mirror of Modestie, London, 1621

The first known woman to have been in book Publishing in England.
found on ancestry.com

Anne Mountford 1587 Author
Daughter of Thomas Mountford, D.D. She was born 1587 or 1588 in England and died 3 May 1621 probably at London, England. She was buried at St. Faith's under St. Paul's, London, England. She was highly educated for her time and was the author of "Mirror of Modestie" published in London in 1621. found on ancestry.com

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