Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Written by Beth Schow Stagge

Things I remember about my dear brothr Reed as we were growing up.  Mother and Dad sure named him right when they gave him the name of Juel.  He was the best of best in diamonds.  He was always very quiet but always had a big smile for you to brighten your day.  He always went about his work with perfection and to this day he still does everything to perfection.  He had a bike.  I think he earned the money to buy it.  But he was always getting a flat tire.  I use to watch him as he would mend it.  He had a gadget that he would put elastic bands on so they would be real tight.  Then by adding some real stinking glue and finding the hole he would shoot the elastic bands into the tire, adding more glue then cutting off the excess elastic, letting it dry and putting more air in the tire, he'd be off again.  Once in awhile he would give me a ride on the frame bar. But I swore he found all the bumps in town.  So I didn't ride with him too often.

I remember one summer he came home from California with a car. I thought it was simply the best. I believe it was a Model A. He took Mom and Dad and a few of us kids for a trip into Idaho.  It was hot and we were enjoying ourself when all of a sudden we hit a bump and the rear axle broke.  Reed and Dad had to walk back to the last town for help.  We had to wait for them in the car. It seemed like ages.  But soon they came back with help.  We had to be towed into town and while the car was being fixed we visited some olf friends of Mother and Dad's.

The one thing I remember about Reed is that when he would lose his temper he would never swear.  Instead he always said "Oh raspberry."  I think he may still use it today.

He has always been a brother you could be very proud of.  Always giving you good advice and watching over us younger kids.  I love you very much Reed and wish you the happiest of 80th Birthday and many more.

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