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[Ancestral Link: Mary Elizabeth Bickmore (Schow), daughter of Isaac Danford Bickmore, son of Martha Harville (Bickmore), daughter of Squire James Harville, son of Squire James Harville, son of John Harville, father of David Harville, father of Squire Harville.]

Outline Report for Squire and Mary Harville1801-1817, Cumberland, North Carolina OneWorldTree,, Huskinson/McArthur Family. Contact: Ellie B. Grover:

Squire Harvel (Harvill) married Mary Money circa 1800 in North Carolina.

1. John Harvill born 1801 in Surry, North Carolina
2. WILLIAM HARVILLE born 1802 in Surry, North Carolina
3. David Harvill born 1804 in Surry, North Carolina
4. Susan Harville born about 1805 in Surry, North Carolina
5. Willis Harvill born 1807 in Surry, North Carolina
6. Elizabeth Harville born about 1809 in Surry, North Carolina
7. Martha Harvel (Harvill) born 4 June 1811 in Kainey, Cumberland, North Carolina
8. Jacob Harvill born 1813 in Cumberland, North Carolina
9. Harville born 1814 in Cumberland, North Carolina
10. James Harville born 1815 in Cumberland, North Carolina
11. Kenner Harville born 1817 in Cumberland, North Carolina
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