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[Ancestral Link: Mary Elizabeth Bickmore (Schow), daughter of Isaac Danford Bickmore, son of Isaac Motor Bickmore, son of David Bickmore, son of John Bickmore, son of Elizabeth Andrews (Bickmore), daughter of Elizabeth Bills (Andrews), daughter of Samuel Bills, son of Elizabeth Sargent (Bills), daughter of William Sargent, son of Roger Sargent, son of Margaret Gifford (Sargent), daughter of Nicholas Gifford.]

Nicolas Gifford Info On 20 October 1530 Nicholas Gifford was recommended to Thomas Cromwell by John Plauden, "late clerk of the lands of Woolsley's College, Oxford." (Letters Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII). In 1538 he was one of the gentlemen to attend upon the King's household when required. In that year he was called of Brynon, Northants. He was active in the work of dissolving the monasteries; and by letters patent, date 12 September 1545, the house and lands of the dissolved monastery of St. James, in the parish of Duston near Northampton, with the annual fair held there, were granted to him and his heirs, and he died seised thereof, Roger Gyfford, a minor, aged eighteen years and three months, being his son and heir (NEHGR, Vol. 74, p. 236).
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