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[Ancestral Link: Mary Elizabeth Bickmore (Schow), daughter of Isaac Danford Bickmore, son of Isaac Motor Bickmore, son of David Bickmore, son of John Bickmore, son of Elizabeth Andrews (Bickmore), daughter of Elizabeth Bills (Andrews), daughter of Samuel Bills, son of Elizabeth Sargent (Bills), daughter of William Sargent, son of Roger Sargent, son of Margaret Gifford (Sargent), daughter of Agnes Masters (Gifford).]

Agnes/Anne Master or Maister or Masters
Information on Agnes/Alice Master/Maister or Masters:

Agnes/Alice Master/Maister is also shown in some records as Anne Master/Maister or Masters. She died between 1581 and 28 March 1584. See her Will below.

[1536(?), June 16.] l,Nich. Gyfford & Agnes Colwell Linc. dio. Disp. for marriage without banns. 26s.8d.

Agnes' first marriage was to Richard Colwell. Their son, Thomas died in prison because he was a Catholic:

The following document indeed indicates that Agnes (or Anne) was born a Master, but had a first marriage to Richard Colwell of Faversham, Kent, England. The following is typed into this family history as originally written:


1593, February 4.--"The life death and buriall of Thomas Colwell prisoner in the Fleete London who died their imprisoned for the Catholic Religion _anno_ 1593, 4 _die Februarii_, being Sonday about eleven of the clock inn the forenone.Regarding their son, Thomas:

29 December 1607. _In Dei nomine Amen._--Thomas Colwell borne at Feversham in Kent uppon the Friday, and as I take it about the 10th or 11th of December in the yeare of our Lord 1531, descending both by his father's side and mother's side of auncient houses in Kent, viz. his father at Feversham in Kent who alwayes detested heresies, which then began to springe, and his mother of the house of the Maysters in Sandwich, both which houses were then indowed with great possessions.Whose father's name was Richard Colwell having had a wife before by whome he had divers sonnes and daughters, after whose death about Anno Domini 1530 he took to wife Anne Maisters nere the age of xv yeres, being himselfe about the age of 40, who died after that he had lived with the said Anne his wife 6 yeares, having had by her twoo sonns wherof one died an infant and 1 daughter named Barbara who died at the Abbies of St. James by North[amp]ton about 14 years of age, of the plague, but in vertuous maner leading her life, and so departed. And coming to the said Abbie by this chaunce the said wife of Richard Colwell being a widow at xxi yeres of age and richly left, one Nicholas Giffard brother to Sir George Giffard of Middle Cledon in Bukinghamshier mareing with her, and after purchasing the said Abbie of St. James, by whome shee had many sonns and daughters whom her said husband left in yong and tender yeres to brought up by the said Anne their mother who brought them up Catholikely as she alwayes lived and vertuously died herself after she had lived a widow nere fortie yeres.Yet after, her said sonnes and daughters of the line of the Giffards mareing to their own wills, forsaking her motherly admonitions and her pitifull teares often shed for them in wishing them to beware of heresie, making small account of their first education, were supped up in the fluddes of schisme and heresie." (_Manuscripts of His Grace the Duke of Rutland, G.C.B., preserved at Belvoir Castle, vol. I_[Historical Manuscripts Commission, Twelfth Report, Appendix, Part IV],pp. 307ff.)And so forth, the life of the martyr. His step-father, Mr. Nicholas Gifford, sent him to school "to my Lord Mountegues at Boughton by Geddington in Northamptonsheir." His step-uncle, Sir George Gifford of Middle Cleydon, took such a liking to him that he married him to "his neece Barbara Sexten, who was the Lady Giffard's sister daughter, descended of Catholike parents both by the father and mother's side and brought up in the hose of the said Sir George Giffard withe his daughters, and instructed in the Latin tongue by one Mrs. Jone Dene a nunne of Sion. . . . By which said Barbara the said Thomas Colwell had xi sonns and daughters . . ."

From: Northampton Wills, Book V, 1578-1589, pages 138 et seq. THE WILL OF AGNES GYFFORD of St. James near Northampton, widow, dated 18 August 1581. To be buried in the chancel of the parish church of Duston, in said county of Northampton, on the south side of the grave of my husband, NICHOLAS GYFFORD, Gent., if it do please God I depart this life in the parish of Duston.

As to the order of my funeral I do refer to the discretion of Roger Gyfford, Gent., my son, whom I make sole executor of this my last will and testament.

To the poor of Duston 3s. 4d. To the poor of Upton 6s. 8d. To the poor of Dallington 6s. 8d. To every poor household in St. James End 4d. To poor inhabitants of Northampton 10s. To the prisoners in the Castle and in the town gaol 10s. To the Vicar of Duston 10s. To every servant my son Roger shall happen to have at the time of my death 12d. To my daughter Amy Gyfford, my son Roger's wife, 40s. to make a memorial ring, my best velvet hat, and my cloth riding hood. To the children of my said son, Roger Gyfford; to ffrauncis Gyfford, his son and heir; my mawdlyn boxx of sylver white; to Thomas Gyfford, his second son, 20s; to Nicholas Gyfford, his third son, my best standing bedstead with feather bed, bolster, 2 pillows and a pair of blankets, a white coverlet and my best coverlet, 2 pairs of my best sheets, 2 pairs best pillowbeares, 2 chamber towels with little white work, a long coffer, a long cushion, a window cloth of old silk and the great press standing in my chamber, to be given him at the age of twenty-one years, and if he die before that age,the above legacy shall go to his sister, Marie Gyfford; to the said Marie Gyfford 20s; to George Gyfford, son of my said son Roger Gyfford, 20s. To my said son Roger Gyffard, the use of 3 bowl of sylver and 5 sylver spoons for his natural life and on his death, I will that they remain to his next heir male, and so from heir male to heir male. Whereas my son-in-law HUGH SERGENT standeth bound to me in obligation of 20 marks, with condition he pay L10 unto such person or persons as I shall by my last will or other writing appoint, I bequeath 40s. thereof to my son Thomas Colwell, to make a ring, and if he die before me, then to my nephew, Thomas Colwell; to my daughter, Barbara Colwell 20s. of the said L10, to make a ring; to my son George Gyfford 40s to make a ring; to my daughter Anne Gyfford, his wife 20s, to make a ring; to his sons; to Richard Gyfford 20s, to Roger Gyfford 20s, and to Edward Gyfford 20s; the 40s. residue of the L10 I give to Gerves Morton, my son-in-law to buy him a mare. To my son Thomas Colwell the use of 1 goblet of silver which my father gave me, for life, and on his death it is to remain to Richard Colwell, his son and then from next male heir to next male heir. To my son Thomas Colwell 3 silver spoons for life, and on his death, they are to be divided between his sons, Richard, John and Thomas. To Lucy Colwell my best petticoat and 40s.Certain sheep I gave to Thomas Colwell my son, as the beginning of a stock to be divided among his children, I will my said executor do see the same divided among the said children, Richard Colwell, John Colwell, Thomas Colwell, Lucye Colwell, Tecla Colwell, Marie Colwell and Agnes Colwell. To the said Thomas Colwell a gold piece of 20s. To my son George Gyfford the use of 1 silver salt and 6 silver spoons for life, to remain to his next heir male on his decease, and so from heir male to heir male, and 2 angels. To my daughter MARGRETT SARGEANT my ring with the Turk's stone, half my linen wearing apparel and the chest wherein it lieth, my best cloth gown caped with velvet, and my cloke, safegarde and skarff. The other half of my linen wearing apparel I give to the daughters of my daughter MARGRETT, to be divided between them at her discretion, saying that I will out of my said linen wearing apparel Elizabeth Edwards and Agnes Sergeant shall have each of them one of my best smocks, all my fine neckerchers made and unmade, and 4 pairs of cuffes, except my third best smock, my best kercher and neckkercher of holland, and 1 pair of cuffes that I bequeathed to Elizabeth Allyne. To Elizabeth Edwards my cloth gowne furred and my second best kirtle. To my son-in-law Thomas Waldram 20s., for a ring. To my daughter Marie Waldram, his wife, my best stuff gown, my best kirtle and my french hood. Whereas my said son-in-law Gervis Morton has already had of me L3. 6s. 8d. for a stock of sheep to benefit his children, I require my said executor to see such flock be continued to such time as the said children come to the age of twenty-one or be married. To my maid my working-daie petticoat, my working-day kirtle, one smock, and one of my working-daie neckerchers. Residuary legatee and executor: my son RogerGyfford. (No witnesses.) Proved 28 March 1584 by the executor named in the will.I, AGNES GYFFORD of St. James nigh Northampton, wydow, commonly called ANNE GYFFORD, ordain this my last will and testament concerning the disposition of such lands and hereditaments as I am seized of in fee simple, in manner following:One messuage and backsyde, with appurtenances, lying in St. James End, nigh Northampton, having the street called Harper Street on the north and my purchased close called Abbot's Close on the south and west, which said messuage I purchased of Roger Carrell, Gent. And the Abbott's Close lying in St. James End aforesaid, having the highway to Duston on the east side and a close now Frauncis Samwell's, Gent., and Duston Common Meade on the south and a close called the Gridiron Close on the west, which I purchased of Edward Watson and Henry Herdson, Gent. And am likewise seised in fee of 2 parcels of pasture lying in St. James, one piece on the east side by the late Church of St. Margrett's in St. James and the other on the west side of the churchyard, with 2 pieces I bought from Roger Carrell.

My will is that George Gyffard, my son, shall have all and single the said messuage and backside. Abbott's Close, and 2 parcels of pasture, with all premises and appurtenances thereto belonging, for and during his life and on his death they shall remain to such person as is his wife, and on her death to the next heir male of the said George, and in default of such issue to Thomas Colwell, my son, and Barbary Colwell, his wife, to them and their heirs male, and in default of sucy issue to Roger Gyfford, my son and to his heirs male,
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