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[Ancestral Link: Mary Elizabeth Bickmore (Schow), daughter of Ellen Oldham (Bickmore), daughter of John Oldham, son of William Oldham, son of Alice Duckworth (Oldham), daughter of Susannah Picop (Duckworth), daughter of James Piccop, son of Mary Howarth (Piccop).]

letter from Mary's brother George to their mother
Loving Mother
My dear love to thee hopeing these lines may find thee in good health as I am at present, the Allmighty be praised for it and hath been mostly since I left you but last Winter I had the Fever and ague 5 months, I received your tokens which was half a crown from thee, and a shilling from my loving Brother, which I received very gladly, but I should have been more glad to have received a letter with it, I do much admire that I never received no Letter from you since I came here it makes me think you have all most forgotten me; I am very sorry and sore troubled that you so neglect writing to me, I desire you to write to me by the next opportunity and not to fail. Remem?ber my love to my loving Sister Sarah and to Brother James and to my sister Susannah and all my Relations and to Friends and neighbours. Two Months ago I was with my Sister Mary where she doth dwell, and she was in good health and her Husband and their children, They have had six children but the youngest is dead, John, Mary, Sarah, James, and Elizabeth, but George died of the Small pox. they live about 172 miles from me near Maryland upon the Sea coast and I live up the country near Delaware river 20 miles above Philadelphia. And as for the Country affairs I have writ in my former Letters, only Corn is cheap, but I could gladly wish as many of you as desire to come here were well settled here. And if any of you come here or any of your acquaintance come, come free, it is a great deal better living here than in England for working people, poor working people doth live as well as here, as landed men doth live with you thats worth 20L a year, I live a single life and hath builded a Shop, and doth follow weaving of linnen cloth, but I have bought 450 acres of land in the Woods, but doth not live on it yet, so no more at present, but I rest with my love to thee, desiring thy health both in this world and thy Souls health in the World to come my own hand writing.
From thy loving son
George Haworth.
(Hand written here is a note ) The above Letter appears in: Jas. R. Haworth; "George Haworth and Some of his Descendants"
found on ancestry.com

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