Thursday, January 17, 2013

George Bickmore 1705-1777

George Bickmore, probably great grandson of Thomas, was recorded in Milton, Massachusetts July 13, 1739.  He owned the covenant July 13, 1739.  George Bickmore, adult, by virtue of owning the covenant, was baptized by Reverend John Daylor.  He married Elizabeth Andrews, April 2, 1730 at Dorchester, Massachusetts, the marriage being performed by Robert Sput, Esp.JP.  Their children: *1 John, born March 31, 1731 at Dorchester; 2. George, born June 6, 1733 at Milton, Massachusetts; 3. Elizabeth, born March 9, 1736 at Milton.

In the Boston records of 1738, we find George Bickmore June 24, 1738, recommended as a Porter "to appear at Town Clerk's office to give bond."  In 1760, in Boston, among losses sustained by fire Elizabeth Bickmore was allowed 18 pounds 13 shillings for loss of personal estate:  "1 bed, 1 oval table, 1 brass kettle, 1 scilit, other small articles."

In 1743 a small settlement was made at Medumcook (which is the Indian plantation name for Friendship, Maine) by English people, who had come from Plymouth and western parts of Massachusetts.  A fort was erected in southern part of town, which served as a protection from the Indians.  Many people from Dorchester and Boston went to Medumcook.  There were about twenty-two families residing there in 1754.  Among them was * John and George Bickmore.  This confirms the family tradition that the family lived there on the coast of Maine.  It is probable that the elder George Bickmore lived there with his two sons, as in 1774, when the petition to the general court of Boston was signed, Elizabeth Bickmore, the mother's name, appears.
Early Bickmore History found in Book of Rembrance of Beth Schow Stagge

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