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...seems to come from personal letters written by their great-grandson, Thomas Davidson Gillham, of Oglethorpe County, Georgia, between 1882 and 1896 to his cousin, Georgia Lusk, of Edwardsville, Illinois, which I had in my possession after Cousin Georgie's death and later gave Louise Travous.  The letters contained much valuable information.

The children of Ezekiel and Sarah Gillham were: (1) Jacob Clemons Gillham, born about 1758, moved to western Tennessee; (2) Charles Gillham, born 1760, married in 1785(10) in Georgia, Jan Finley, daughter of John Finley, and moved to the Goshen Settlement, Madison County, Illinois, 1803; (3) Mary Gillham (Polly), born 1762, married in Georgia, Thomas Good and moved to Madison County, Illinois, 1803; (4) Margaret Gillham (Peggy), born 1764, married in Georgia, Bryant Mooney, to Illinois 1803; (5) Ruth Gillham, born 1766; married Edmund Griffin in Georgia, after the death of her sister; (6) Nancy Gillham, born 1768, married Edmund Griffin, had two children, and died early; (7) Edith Gillham, born 1770, married ______ Lay, moved to Tennessee; (8) Thomas Gilham, born about 1772, married Martha Milligan, and was the grandfather of Thomas Lusk, stayed in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; (9) Ezekiel Johnson Gillham, born about 1774, married, ____________, remained in Georgia. (11)

Further information from the DAR papers of Emma Gillham Miller includes the following: Charles Gillham, (above) was born 1760, died 1842, married Jane Finley, born 1762, died after 1854, married 1785.  Their son, Thomas Cunningham Gillham...Nothing
References: (10) DAR papers of Emma Gillham Miller #138363, Bedford, Iowa, deceased, for dates for Ezekiel and Charles Gillham, his son.
(11) DAR application of Emma Gillham Miller, #138363 based on the service in the Revolution of Ezekiel Gillham of Oglethorpe County, GA.

(another page began) ...don't know who has the Bible.  Uncle Jacob Gillham, Grandpa's brother, moved to the western part of Tennessee.  Edith Lay moved to the same state, Lincoln County, and died there in 1810, about 80 years old.  Ezekiel, the youngest of Grandpa's brothers, lived and died here.  His oldest son, Robert, moved to the west part of this state (Georgia), and I think is still living, or was a few years ago."

Nancy, daughter of Ezekiel and Sarah Clemons Gillham, is said to have married Edmund Griffin in Georgia, and died early leaving two small children; and there is one story that Ruth had come to Madison County in 1803 with Charles, Mary and Margaret, but returned to Georgia when Nancy died to take care of her children, and married Edmund Griffin as his second wife; and it may be that he was her second husband, as an early marriage license was issued to a Ruth Gillham in Madison County; nothing further is known of her.

Thomas Davidson Gilham said: "Thomas Gillham, my grandpa, married Martha Milligan.  Their children were Ezekiel, married Nancy Andrews; Moses Gillham died unmarried; Mary Gillham, married William Richards; Sarah Gillham, married Abner Wise; Thomas Davison Gillham (uncle of the writer) died unmarried, Jacob Clemons Gillham, married Nancy Norton; William Gampbell Gillham, married Isabella McRee, my parents; Martha Gillham, died unmarried."  He lists the children of his parents, William Campbell and Isabella McRee Gillham as John M. Gillham, Thomas D. Gillham (himself), Martha J. Gillham, Benjamin F. Gillham, and Mary A. Gillham, "all dead except the writer, and he an old bachelor."  He added that his brother Benjamin was killed at Gettysburg in his 28th year, and he himself was wounded four times, and lost his right arm.  He and Benjamin were both Lieutenants in Company H, Eighth Georgia Volunteer Cavalry, in the Civil War. (13)
References: (13) Letters of Thomas Davidson Gilham, Lexington, Georgia, to Georgia Lusk.

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