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Elizabeth Andrews (Bickmore) 1707-

George Bickmore, probably great grandson of Thomas, was recorded in Milton, Massachusetts July 13, 1739.  He owned the covenant July 13, 1739.  George Bickmore, adult, by virtue of owning the covenant, was baptized by Reverend John Daylor.  He married Elizabeth Andrews, April 2, 1730 at Dorchester, Massachusetts, the marriage being performed by Robert Sput, Esp.JP.  Their children: *1 John, born March 31, 1731 at Dorchester; 2. George, born June 6, 1733 at Milton, Massachusetts; 3. Elizabeth, born March 9, 1736 at Milton.

In the Boston records of 1738, we find George Bickmore June 24, 1738, recommended as a Porter "to appear at Town Clerk's office to give bond."  In 1760, in Boston, among losses sustained by fire Elizabeth Bickmore was allowed 18 pounds 13 shillings for loss of personal estate:  "1 bed, 1 oval table, 1 brass kettle, 1 scilit, other small articles."

In 1743 a small settlement was made at Medumcook (which is the Indian plantation name for Friendship, Maine) by English people, who had come from Plymouth and western parts of Massachusetts.  A fort was erected in southern part of town, which served as a protection from the Indians.  Many people from Dorchester and Boston went to Medumcook.  There were about twenty-two families residing there in 1754.  Among them was * John and George Bickmore.  This confirms the family tradition that the family lived there on the coast of Maine.  It is probable that the elder George Bickmore lived there with his two sons, as in 1774, when the petition to the general court of Boston was signed, Elizabeth Bickmore, the mother's name, appears.

The Petition follows:

"This being a day pitched upon by the general courts of Boston, under the advice of the Governor for a day of fasting and prayer throughout the Province, on account of our present dangerous situation with regard to our liberties.  We of the inhabitants of Meduncook, met at the minister's house and after our religious services, the following covenant, composed at Boston and sent to us, was signed, as follows, viz:

"We the people of Medumcook, having taken into consideration the precarious state of the liberties of New England and more especially the present disturbed condition of this Province, do, in the presence of God, solemnly and in good faith, covenant and engage with each other; that: From henceforth we will suspend all commercial intercourse with the said Island of Great Britain until the said act for blocking up said harbor be repealed.  We will not buy, purchase, or consume or suffer anyone else to do so, any goods, wares, or merchandise that shall arrive from Great Britain from and after the last day of August 1774.  We agree to break off all commerce, etc., with all persons who continue to import goods from Great Britain or shall purchase from those who do import.  We, further, agree to purchase no article from those who have not signed this covenant.

"I, _____________, of __________________ in the company of _____________ do solemnly swear that the goods on hand have not been imported from Great Britain since August 1774, and will not import or purchase of any persons importing any goods, as aforesaid until the harbor of Boston shall be opened and we are fully restored to the free use of our constitutional rights and charter, and lastly, we agree that after this or a similar covenant has been offered to any person and they refuse to sign it or produce the oath, above said, we will consider them as contumacious importers and withdraw all commercial relations with them, so far as not to purchase of them any articles whatsoever, and publish their names to the world."
                             Signed - July 14, 1774
                             Witness our Hand"
                             John Bickmore and wife, Anna
                             Elizabeth Bickmore
(These names were included in the list of people who constituted the town of Meduncook, Maine (Friendship).

Any descendants of John Bickmore and Anna, his wife, or of Elizabeth, his mother, is eligible to the Society of the Daughters of American Revolution (or sons of American Revolution, if male descendants).

Medoncook or Meduncook was incorporated into the present town of Friendship, Maine on February 27, 1807.  It is now a town of wealth and importance.

Reference for covenant signed by John, Ann and Elizabeth Bickmore was taken from the history of Friendship, Maine.

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