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[Ancestral Link: Mary Elizabeth Bickmore (Schow), daughter of Isaac Danford Bickmore, son of Isaac Motor Bickmore, son of David Bickmore.]

Knox County, MaineThe Bickmores were among the first settlers in this town, being there by 1750 from Massachusetts. There has been controversy as to the identity of the mother. There is a Cushing, Maine record of the marriage of a David Bickmore to Margaret Dickey August 3 1793. However, the name is Martha Dixon on all early L.D.S. church records, and it is always Martha or Patsy (nickname for Martha) in Census reports and land grant records. It is possible that Margaret Dicke and Martha Dixon were the same person.

The David Bickmore family left Maine, probably from Kennebeck County, some time after March 1815. Their oldest child Anna was married to Daniel Pettingill 27 December 1818 in Madison County, Illinois, opposite St. Louis in the Great American Bottom. The family was not listed in the special State Census of 1818. David apparently had died before the taking of the Federal 1820 Census, in which his wife was listed as head of the household. During childhood play, William M Bickmore lost one eye playing Indians with bow and arrows, as can be noticed when viewing his picture.
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